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Canterbury Self Defence


Public classes and corporate self defence in Kent including classes in personal protection and Commado Krav Maga in Whitstable, get in touch and find out how these martial art and self defence classes could be of benefit to you.


He can provide:

  • Private self defence training
  • Corporate self defence
  • Personal protection
  • Self awareness
  • Street Survival Tactics
  • Total Officer Protection


For corporate self defence in the Kent area and, for a comprehensive set of classes to aid you in all aspects of self defence, call Raphael Yadgaroff to book now.


Personal Protection in Kent


The classes in Kent utilizese the concepts and techniques of Commando Krav Maga and many other martial arts to create one of the most devastating reality based fighting systems in the world. Raphael Yadgaroff is the leading provider of high quality self defence tuition in Kent. He can help you improve levels of confidence, increase fitness, lower stress levels and improve concentration. He is a reconisged insructor with the British Combat Association as well as insured through them for your complete peace of mind.


Self Defence in Canterbury


Kent self defence training has never been more effective or as intense. For training with a more practical and adaptive approach in self defence in Kent, call Raphael Yadgaroff today. He has much experience in the field of martial arts, welcoming all members of the general public to take part in the classes he offers. He has worked with pupils from Canterbury, Ashford, Whitstable and throughout Kent.


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If you would like any more information about the courses on offer, or if you have any enquiries about self defence in kent, get in touch using any of the details listed on the sidebar above. Alternatively, email using the query form provided on the Contact Us page.

Contact Raphael Today to Book a Introductory Session: Mobile number - 07766674475 | E-mail - ryadgaroffkm@gmail.com