Commando Krav Maga Law Enforcement Program





Day: Thursday


Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm


Location: 4-6 Orange Street (next door to the Merchant Chandler), Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2JA


Lesson Layout


Classes are usually 90 minutes in duration, however longer sessions are avaible by private arrangement.Seminars also take place on occasion.


A typical 90 minute lesson consists of:-


  • A basic warm up (Streches, running and balance)
  • Fitness Drills (pad work, reaction training etc)
  • Re-cap of previous techniques
  • New techniques
  • High Intensity Drills (these work on the basis of indivual best effort)
  • Stress Testing (Continuous attacks)


The Instructor will focus on equipping the student, as quickly as possible, to be able to defend themselves on the street whether it be against an attacker with a weapon or mulitple attackers. Students work under stress so as to simulate a real street situtation. Drills are conducted with a scenario e.g. mugger on the street, or attackers in a club. The student is taught basic fight psychology to help control and assess a situtaion and to look for the first opportunity to disengage; where this is not possible, the student is taught to deal with the attacker quickly and effectively. There is also a high emphasis on mental toughness training to help develop a 'never give up' frame of mind.




  • 14 and over
  • Keen to learn how to sucessfully defend themselves
  • Fitness is an advantage but not a necessity as this can be built during the class.


Women are welcome, as Krav Maga is very effective and its emphasis on technique and concepts, not strength means that anyone is able to defend themselves and their family or friends.



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