Commando Krav Maga Law Enforcement Program

CKM T.O.P Law Enforcement


The CKM T.O.P (Total. Officer. Protection) seminars are desgined with appropriate use-of-force strategies in mind, Krav Maga's L.E Program focuses on defensive tactics that gives officers the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and preserve the public peace while using the required amount of force to avoid liability.


This course can be taught to:-


  • U.K Police Officers (inculding Community Support Officers, and Armed Response Teams)
  • Door Security Staff and Security Guards
  • Close Protection Personnel




Law enforcement officers are primarily faced with 3 scenarios:
1) Yes Man - The suspect cooperates with the officer.
2) Maybe Man - The suspect gives some resistance to the officer but eventually cooperates.
3) No Man! - The suspect is out of control while resisting arrest. There may also be more than one suspect in hand and the officer is faced with multiple attackers.


Each circumstance requires different use of force tactics towards the suspect(s). In each scenario, Krav Maga (CKM) trains the officer to effectively subdue the suspect with appropriate use of force while keeping personal safety in mind


Krav Maga Tactical Training prepares law enforcement personnel on maintaining appropriate distance, restraint tactics and engaging in empty hand combat when necessary. The Krav Maga techniques will give law enforcement officers the necessary tools to gain control of the situation when faced with unexpected vicious attacks.


The goal of the Krav Maga L.E program is to make sure that security and policepersonnel are field ready in the shortest amount of training time. This is why all the tactics and techniques in Krav Maga have been developed to be as simple and effective as possible.

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