Commando Krav Maga Law Enforcement Program

"Having practiced Krav Maga for 4 years now, I am convinced that it is one of the best self defence systems around today. The realism Raphael incorporates into his training sessions is one of the major advantages of the system, as being driven out of your comfort zone and placed in dynamic, high-stress situations is the only way to discover what you are truly capable of under pressure. As an instructor, Raphael is extremely adept at analysing a student’s fighting style and identifying how best that student can play to their strengths in any given combat situation. One of the unique advantages of studying Krav Maga with Raphael is that he is able to utilise his extensive knowledge of other martial arts - from Kung Fu and MMA to Fast Combatives and SPEAR - to enhance the learning experience of his training sessions and make Krav Maga, an already devastating fighting system, even more potent."


By Toby Wood



"I have been training Krav Maga for 4 years with Raphael Yadgaroff, which has proved very beneficial for me in my work. I work as a Security Guard in a busy entertainment centre, where I do mostly night shifts, which means that I constantly find myself in stressful and conflicting situations. Examples of the latter include dealing with intoxicated, aggressive and abusing customers, who cause problems for me and my colleagues in various ways. In this context, I have found that having trained Krav Maga, I have been able to perform in an adequate and professional manner- i.e. successfully perceiving incoming problems in advance; negotiating conflicts with confidence, where possible; as well as , restraining aggressive attackers safely, making sure that neither myself or the other party is hurt in the process. In addition, I have found that Krav Maga has assisted me immensely in general in so far as teaching me a great level of discipline, coupled with an acute sense of environmental and personal reflection. I find that the skills I have acquired from Krav Maga were fairly easy to grasp and apply in practice, which for a job like mine means a great deal. In this regard, I would like to say that Mr Yadgaroff played an invaluable role, as he was kind enough to be patient with me throughout the entire course of teaching, as well as being exceptionally accurate and effective towards pinpointing the mistakes I was making so as to learn how to perfect a better and more effective execution of the techniques. I would also like to commend Mr Yadgaroff for his great attitude towards his students as a whole, for his enthusiasm and friendly attitude certainly has helped me to come to training fully prepared and willing to commit myself towards a good level of learning. At the end, I can say that, whoever is considering the question of choosing a particular style of Martial Art for whatever reason- Krav Maga is to be certainly considered at the top of choices, for its merits range from a whole spectre of values. With respect to the industry I am currently in, Krav Maga is indeed a perfect choice- especially, when tutored under the guise of an instructor, such as Mr Yadgaroff."

Written by Arkadiusz Pyc.


"I have done Krav Maga for just over two months now and wasn't so sure what to expect. I teach and practice Judo and done for nearly a decade now. What I was about to embark on, I could not have imagined. However, Raphael was keen to incorporate my previous experience with my training, immediately this told me he knew what he was doing, building an effective fighting platform for self defence. Raphael is continuously keen to improve everyone's fitness, to vastly improve techniques such as striking, knife defence and ground work movement and concepts. Not only is Raphael excited and very passionate about what he does, how he teaches it but he strives to consider different ways to explain techniques. He always asks if we want to see a technique again and will do his utmost to improve our fighting skills. His enthusiasm inspires you to train harder, to get fitter and to learn the concepts he lays out. It is fair to say he expects a lot from his students, but the return and self pride is by far worth while. His has this uncanny way of inspiring you through his personality, his ability to perform the techniques and how be breaks them down for you, you find yourself striving to complete them to the best of your ability, not only for yourself, but for him as it were. Krav Maga gives you a real insight into real occurrences and possibilities of a street fight, Raphael lays it out how it is, he does not make it into a fairy tale, he tells the truth and teaches you effective means of defending yourself. I hope to carry on with Krav Maga and to improve myself further, it is a genuine pleasure to train under him."


By Dave Broome


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